Oh Tulips!

OhTulipsO1Hi there! On February 9th my little baby nephew was born, his name: Hugo Santiago. I am far from home for a few months, so I decided to celebrate him by buying a bouquet of white tulips! Oh tulips! I don’t really know if tulips mean happiness, or birth, buy I decided that they would this time. 🙂


It’s my first time buying tulips, because we don’t get them in Bolivia, so you can imagine the shock when by the time I put them in fresh water after arriving home, some time later they were completely open! I was a bit scared, because the flowers I know don’t move at all, I mean, they open and close at day/night, but not so fast like these!

You can totally picture me at the far side of the room, opposite from the tulips, in utter shock and totally creeped out by them. So, naturally, I sat in my sofa and decided to ask the internet why did these total strangers where reacting like that. A few searches later (and maybe a couple of hours in real time) I found out that they do naturally open like that (so no, it’s not a parasite operating them like zombies from within).


In my search I found a lot of cool time-lapse videos about tulips opening and closing like that, so I decided to put my skills in good use and document this odd (to me) phenomenon!

I will soon be posting some of the videos I made! They’re really my first attempts at making a decent video, so any comment is greatly appreciated.


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