Chocolate Cake With Mascarpone And Blueberries


I love chocolate cake! I am one of those people who cannot live without it, even the thought of it existing somewhere makes me happy, it’s one of the things that really cheers me up on a tough day, like watching photos of puppies and kittens. Seriously, I’m pretty simple like that. I mean, I usually struggle and think a lot about things, but sometimes, I like to indulge in a big slice of chocolate cake, with mascarpone frosting and blueberries. Just because it’s one of the happy things we can do while we’re here, right?

Oh, and wait until I show you how to make this recipe. It’s so simple that the most important thing is to find and use wonderful ingredients. Like: Swiss 72% Chocolate, Italian Mascarpone Cheese and the biggest sweetest Blueberries you can find. Got ‘em? Cool, so here’s how we can make this cake together!


Chocolate Cake with Mascarpone and Blueberries

150g Dark Chocolate

110g Unsalted Butter

2 Tablespoons Cocoa Powder

1/2 cup Sugar

4 small Eggs

1 cup Flour

1 pinch of Salt

250g Blueberries

125g Raspberries


Melt the butter together with the chocolate, make sure it’s not too hot. I did this in the microwave, for 2 minutes and mixing it well with a spoon.


Add the Cocoa Powder with the salt and mix, then add the Sugar and keep mixing. You’ll notice that the batter becomes slightly lumpy because of the sugar, this is ok.


Add the eggs, add one first and mix well, then add the rest and make sure you mix them very well.


Finally, add the flour, it might seem slightly dry, but as you keep mixing it, it’ll become like a thick batter.


Pour it in two small baking tins, mine are of a 7 inches diameter. Bake at medium temperature: 180ºC or 360ºF, for 30 minutes or until a wooden stick comes out clean (I use a matchstick usually). Set aside to cool.


For the Mascarpone Cream, you’ll need:

250g Mascarpone Cheese

250g Cream

2 Tablespoons of Powder Sugar

Beat these two together, you can use a mixer or you can use your arm! It should gain volume as it is whipped, beat it until you get a thick consistency.


Finally, just assemble the cake, one layer of cake, one layer or cream, one layer of blueberries and then cake, cream and all the remaining blueberries on top! Add some raspberries for a bit of color and mint leaves. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and enjoy!




I based this recipe on your typical brownie recipe, though it’s not particularly chewy, it’s very consistent and works very well as a 100% guaranteed recipe, you can’t go wrong with this chocolate cake. It’s for those of us who like a dark chocolate taste, that’s not too sweet, that’s why it only has 1/2 cup of sugar, so you can sprinkle some over the berries at the end and add some to the mascarpone cream without it being too sweet at the end. Enjoy! And let me know what you think of the recipe in the comments!


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