Greek Yogurt, Muesli And Blueberries With Lavender And Thyme


You know how it is when you overthink things, when you spend hours planning something that at the end you couldn’t find an answer to. That’s what has happened to me for the past few months over posting here, I have been trying to find creative recipes and innovative ideas to post, and at the end I was left anxious and uncertain about what to do, ultimately feeling like I had no worthy idea and becoming frozen in my actions.

It has happened to me since I can remember, and it’s something I’m working on overcoming. My thoughts are so extensive (like everyone else’s), and I pay so much attention to them, that sometimes I let them decide for me. My overthinking used to win every time.

Except for those times when I let go, and think “screw this, I’ll just do what I want”, and end up doing something, not always very good, but sometimes, yes.

That’s how one day I was hungry and went to the supermarket, the closest one is Carrefour two blocks away from my tiny apartment, and I bought my usual 500grs of Blueberries, which I eat as if they were popcorn (because I really can’t get enough of blueberries). And along I bought another one of my favorites: Greek Yogurt… mmm, I could die eating this all day long, and I probably will. And I started picking up a few other things along the way, Muesli, Thyme and Lavender. I got home, prepared to eat it and it looked so pretty that I just couldn’t without taking a few photos.

Here it is. Done without too much thought, but something that came directly from my heart and stomach. Finally, without overthinking it. A simple, yet elegant flavor, creamy and sweet and with a perfect dimension added by a couple of fresh thyme leaves and tiny lavender petals sprinkled on top. Though, make sure you don’t add too much of them as they could become overpowering.

Greek Yogurt & Blueberries Parfait

125grs Blueberries

250grs Natural Greek Yogurt

4 Tbs Muesli

Fresh Lavender

Fresh Thyme

In a small cup/dessert bowl add a layer of Greek Yogurt, then a layer of Muesli and another layer of blueberries, sprinkle with very few thyme leaves and lavender flowers. Repeat with another layer, and more if desired. Enjoy!







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