White Currant Frozen Yogurt And Murakami


I’ve spent the whole weekend in my apartment reading or rather, listening to a couple of books with my Audible app. I was also working out a little and thinking about what I should photograph next.

The book I’m listening to now is by Haruki Murakami “The Wind-up Bird Chronicle”, it’s so very interesting! I can hardly leave it aside while I’m writing this. But it’s given me a lot of inspiration with his detailed and yet effortless descriptions, he really makes me feel like I’m living the story. I hope it’s as wonderful as all the reviews claimed. 🙂

Now, about the recipe: I found these white currants in the market last tuesday, I know it’s been a while and with the current heat in Milano (we’re over 35°C every day for the past few weeks), I really didn’t think they’d survive my wondering what to do with them. But surprisingly, they did! So I finally decided by their color, given that they’re the albino sisters of Red Currants, I went with a Frozen Greek Yogurt layered with a simple White Currant Jam.

I understand that finding the White Currants might not be so common, but if you find yourself with some, give this recipe a try. It’s creamy, sweet and sour at the same time!

Frozen Greek Yogurt layered with a simple White Currant Jam

125gr White Currants

1/2 cup of boiling Water

2 Tbs Sugar

250gr Greek Yogurt

Wash the white currants in cold water and select the three prettiest twigs, set them aside. Pull the rest in a plate and separating the fruit from the stems, mash the fruits with a fork. You can keep the seeds or if you prefer, you can pass it through a metal mesh strainer. Set them aside. In a small bowl mix the boiling water with the sugar and dissolve it, add the mashed fruit and stir for 2 minutes. Set aside let it cool.


In a plate, pour three tablespoons of the yogurt in a tall pastry cutter (the one I used is from IKEA*) flatten the layer with the back of a teaspoon, then add one tablespoon of the white currant jam, flatten it too and finally add three more tablespoons (or fill it to the top of the pastry cutter) of Greek Yogurt. Cover it with plastic film and freeze it for a few hours or overnight.

When it’s completely frozen, or the next day (I did this in the morning and made the photos in the afternoon), pass the pastry cutter along with the Frozen White Currant Yogurt under some pure water in the sink, it will let it slide off.

Decorate with the pretty twigs you set aside before and some of the strained jam as sauce.


It will have a sweet, creamy and sour flavor, it’s almost like eating lime yogurt, except that it’s way more sour! If you’re like me, and you’re dying under with the Summer heat, this will be the perfect solution to calm it down for a while. If you decide to try it, let me know what you think!





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